About OUG Holdings

In October, 2006, Osaka Uoichiba Co.,Ltd shifts to a pure holding company, "OUG Holdings". For the creation of new marine commodity distribution service.

Since the establishment of a business in 1947, Osaka Uoichiba Co., Ltd has been working as a distribution institution by making delivering safe and reliable marine products to consumers with “proper price” and “stable supply” as its mission.

However, the Japanese market has changed drastically in recent years. Those changes are decreasing population, the low birthrate and longevity, demand for safe and reliable food, and the change in the structure of the distribution system. This will be continuing in the future.

By anticipating these changes, Osaka Uoichiba Co., has divided the company at October 1 2006 and changed its name to “OUG Holdings.” The company itself has changed into a pure holding company and success the wholesale business to the newly established Osaka Uoichiba Co., Ltd.

Under the holdings company system, OUG separates the management and business completely. OUG Holdings will concentrate on the management of the subsidiary. Osaka Uoichiba Co., will focus on the business. By doing this, OUG will respond to the drastic market change.

The holdings company system will generate synergistic effect among the group company and help construct the “marine products distribution service” which is the new business model dealing from producer to consumers in the future.

As a management organization of the whole group, we enlarge our business domain of a group, and aim at maximization of a corporate value.