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Our company was founded in October 1947 as a seafood wholesaler (Osaka Uoichiba Co., Ltd.) at the Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market Honjo.


In the seafood distribution area, we have worked to deliver safe and reliable seafood products to consumers on a daily basis while fulfilling our social mission of setting reasonable prices and ensuring stable supply.


In the meantime, the environment surrounding the seafood distribution industry in Japan has undergone major changes, such as population decline, a declining birthrate and aging population, pursuit of food safety and security, diversification of consumer needs, and changes in the distribution structure.


To respond to such environmental changes, our company changed its trade name from Osaka Uoichiba Co., Ltd. to OUG Holdings Inc. in October 2006 to become a pure holding company. It was a big change for us to promote group management.


Currently, our Group’s core business is “seafood consignee business,” based at the Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market, and “off-market seafood wholesale business” with a network of sales bases all over Japan. Other business areas are as follows: “aquaculture business” for yellowtail, tuna, and other fish; “food processing business,” which provides seafood processing, rice processing, and cut vegetable processing services as well as cooking services; “logistics business,” which sorts and delivers seafood products; and “other businesses” including a leasing business that complements each business area of the Group.


Through the above businesses, our Group will create a new seafood distribution service business as a total system for seafood distribution, covering the entire path from producers to consumers, and provide valuable products and services to customers. By doing so, we will strive to maximize corporate value through our contribution to the development of food culture.


Specifically, we have formulated the OUG Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2021 (FY2021–FY2023). Based on this management plan, we will work on four priority themes across the Group, namely “expansion of the fresh fish business (trading),” “expansion of the processing business (trading), “promotion of an area strategy,” and “promotion of overseas business.” We will address these themes through individual behavioral changes of Group officers and employees with an awareness of value chain optimization, aiming to improve business performance.


We will also strive to strengthen the Group’s management base, including improving the Group’s information infrastructure, establishing the Group’s quality assurance system, and promoting initiatives related to sustainability.


We look forward to your continued support and patronage.


Yasuyoshi Hashizume,

President and Representative Director
OUG Holdings Inc.